Molla Nasreddin should give a promise that he will send his magazine as a gift to the people who will answer the following questions and send it back to our office.

  1. In which city, were all twelve Muslim clerks of the courthouse so ignorant that only one of them could, with difficulty, write his own name
  2. If a Sunni man drinks water from a bowl, may a Shiite man drink from that bowl or not? Should he clean that bowl or not?
  3. Where are more stars: in the sky or in the qumarxana (gambling house) of the Muslim bazaar?
  4. How do you kindly stop the Mullah from attending a house of mourning just so he can eat pilaf? How do we kindly stop the women from gathering just to cry together?
  5. Where can we get a textbook to educate a Muslim child in the Turkish language?
  6. What is the cause of laziness and dishonorableness? Which countries are like this?
  7. Why do the snakes carried in a box from Iran not bite anyone, but Iranians?
  8. When there was a conflict between Armenians and Muslims, what was the reason for government soldiers getting so ill that doctors recommended them not to go out?
  9. What happened to the four hundred Manats collected in the Yerevan theatre for “Ushi” Peoples? Where did it go?

Molla Nasreddin, April 7, 1906

Source: Ömər Faiq Nemanzadə Seçilmiş Əsərləri, Yazıçı, 1992