From Ahiska

Mr. Molla Nasreddin mentioned in his first magazine that he would send his magazine free of charge to those who answer these nine questions. That is why, I give the following answers, and, if my answers are accepted, please let Molla Nasreddin awake the people who sleep in front of him.

Answer to Question 1 – It was in Baku city that only one of the twelve Muslim clerks to the courthouse could even sign his name, in his own language, and that was with some difficulty.

Answer to Question 2 – The Aunt of Sheikh Zahids’s sister’s granddaughter dreamt that it was mentioned in the “separation” chapter of Fanatic Bab by Seikh Asker Safari that it was important when washing the dishes, to make a mess….

Answer to Question 3 – If Madrasas of Sheki and Shamakhi cities were included there, there are many gambling houses…

Answer to Question 4 – The solution is that Mr. Molla Nasreddin should declare that it is important to have a clerk chosen by a charity organization in front of the house of mourning and every mullah attending should make a donation, and men should swear that they would no longer look at non-mahram (other) women…

Answer to Question 5 – You can find such a book only in the villages of Ahıska uyezd.

Answer to Question 6– It comes out of ignorant  Muslim preachers…Countries that support such preachers

Answer to Question 7 – Because they take this habit from Iranian khans.

Answer to Question 8 – The secret is, in cloudy weather a Munchausen syndrome effects human’s behavior so easily…

Answer to Question 9 – I declare with respect that it was spent on the cash register of that theatre’s buffet.

Under the sky, on the ground, Heyrati

“Molla Nasreddin”, 26 april 1906, №4