Recently, the Transcaucasian Spiritual Administration has received a big box (a package) from the office of Ulfat news published in Petersburg. The weight of the box was approximately 440 kgs. When this box reached the Tbilisi post office, the post workers saw there was something moving in the box. Not trusting in anyone at this time, the guard man of the post office decided to inform the government. Police officers and soldiers came there and began to open the box carefully. As soon as they took the top of the box, they saw that there were three fat mullahs sitting there.

After the inquiry, the mullahs answered that they were sent by Ulfat news to replace Firudin bey Kocharli and Rashid bey Afandiyev. That meant they would teach instead of Firudin bey and Rashid bey. The third mullah answered that he was also sent by Ulfat news to be a chief editor of Irshad newspaper instead of Aghayev, and if necessary, to walk in the Muslim provinces and preach to people because Aghayev couldn’t do it.

Molla Nasreddin

Molla Nasreddin, April 21, N 16