If there was no women’s trick, then men would live a thousand years! I myself knew very well that to put vinegar brought bad luck to us. My late grandmother used to say: to put vinegar brings bad luck to us.

My late grandmother had a white cock. She liked this cock very much. Because this cock was a guru of other cocks. If this cock is at somebody’s house, no evil will come there, no trouble will happen, there will be blessing there. A few days ago, my grandmother fell down from a tree and died. In the evening I was sure that there would be some trouble, we would get harm because in the evening my right eye was getting numb. I slept trusting in God. When I was walking in the garden thoughtfully, I saw a carcass of the cock on the ground, I saw that there was a jug in the garden, and there was vinegar in the jug. My poor wife had put vinegar unaware of me. Oh, you destroyed my life! Quickly I came to my wife and told her “divorce me, divorce me” and threw her out of the house. Now my children are crying. All these happened because of vinegar. Help me, Uncle Molla.


Molla Nasreddin, March 31, 1907, N 13